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  • For claims initially submitted on paper, the national average of them ever being paid is only 70%. Affordable Medical Consulting's average is 98%. For a practice with over 5,000 annual claims, the additional reimbursement is more than $90,000!
  • Our services can reduce your reimbursement payback period by up to 2 1⁄2 months. At AMC, we can have your money in your account in less than 21 days. That means improved cash flow and better capital utilization.
  • With AMC’s electronic claims processing software, paperwork accuracy is maximized at 98%. No more suspensions, rejections or follow-ups needed by your staff.
  • You're paying about $9 (national average from American Medical Association) for each claim to be processed. Affordable Medical Consulting, LLC can cut that amount by up to 60%. Doesn’t sound like a significant amount? Try multiplying that by 5,000 claims a year and the fact that only 70% on average are ever paid.

What could you do with an extra $110,000


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